INCISIVE event in Belgrade: Health data sharing and AI in cancer imaging

Date 17/11/2022 - 18/11/2022

Location Hotel Nobel, Belgrade

Organization INCISIVE

The INCISIVE consortium invited professionals and researchers in the field of oncology and Artificial Intelligence to the event ‘Health data sharing and AI in cancer imaging – empowering AI-driven solutions for cancer diagnosis, treatment and follow-up’, that took place in the Hotel Nobel, Belgrade, on November 17-18th. Attendants had the chance to deepen their knowledge in this field and discover the latest advances of the INCISIVE project and other European-related initiatives clustered under the umbrella of the Artificial Intelligence for Health Imaging projects (AI4HI).

Participation to the event was free. It was a unique opportunity to get in touch with professionals performing cutting-edge research in the field of AI for health imaging within the INCISIVE project and similar initiatives in Europe.

The 2-day programme included sessions and hands-on training on data sharing and its benefits, the perspectives and needs of health care professionals, the legal framework and challenges of the European Health Data Space, medical image (dicom) de-identification, and even a specific example of the route from research to an AI product, among other topics.

The meeting was co-organised by Visaris and the University of Novi Sad.

Agenda Belgrade event



You can download the presentations shared during the Belgrade event in the following links.

Day 1:

Introduction to the INCISIVE project
Gianna Tsakou (INCISIVE coordinator), Maggioli, Greece

Developing AI that meets clinical needs
Dimitrios Kalogeras, ICCS, Athens
Sampsa Hautaniemi, University of Helsinki, Finland
Valeria Ariotta, University of Helsinki, Finland

Benefits, barriers and cases of health data sharing, and challenges of the European Health Data Space (EHDS)
Magdalena Kogut, Timelex, Belgium (remote presentation)

INCISIVE’s business model
Pol Camps / Andreas Ziogos, White research, Belgium
Vladan Zdravkovic, Visaris, Serbia
Chrysostomos Symvoulidis, Thridium, UK

The route from research to an AI product – the case of Quibim’s real-life ΑΙ deployment
Lisa Kjønigsen, Quibim, Spain

Artificial Intelligence for Health Imaging projects (AI4HI): positioning, objectives and synergies
Gianna Tsakou, Maggioli, Greece

CancerImageEurope: a new large-scale initiative towards the EHDS
Peter Gordebeke, EIBIR, Austria (remote presentation)

Day 2:

Health data sharing for potential Data Providers
Gianna Tsakou (INCISIVE coordinator), Maggioli, Greece

INCISIVE data template: data collection and extraction
Dimitris Filos, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece

Medical image (dicom)  de-identification
Paschalis Bizopoulos,CERTH, Greece
Antonios Lalas, CERTH, Greece

Data quality checking: integration and validation of all data types
Dimitris Filos, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece

INCISIVE platform: the user interface for health care professionals
Chrysostomos Symvoulidis, Thridium, UK


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