The consortium, coordinated by Maggioli SpA, brings together 27 partners from 9 countries (Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Italy, Luxemburg, Serbia, Spain and UK), each with significant research experience. The partnership’s expertise covers complex ICT systems (MAG, ED, TIS, ADAP), Artificial Intelligence and data analytics (ICCS, CERTH, SQD, AUTH, UNS, VIS, DISBA, MDT), medical image processing (VIS, MED), HPC and HDPA (BSC), cancer clinical research and practice (AUTH, UNS, DISBA, HCS, PASYKAF, UNIOV, UOA, UH, IDIBAPS, GOC, KU, CUT), data security (CERTH, CeRICT), legal expertise (TLX), standardization (FTSS) and business planning (FTSS, WR, MDT).