INCISIVE seeks support from hospitals to contribute to its hybrid repository of anonymized medical images

Published on 07/02/2024


The INCISIVE project has designed a non-binding letter of intent for entities external to the INCISIVE consortium to become contributors to the INCISIVE Hybrid Repository of anonymized medical images and, consequently, to the pan-European federated infrastructure for cancer images EUCAIM and the European Health Data Space.

The document aims to capture the possible interest of hospitals to participate in the contribution of their images under the INCISIVE Data Sharing Agreement framework fully respecting the GDPR requirements and aligned with the European Health Data Space objectives. The letter is not binding at this stage and deeper negotiations with each potential consortium-external data provider will be carried out in order to conclude to the signing of the data sharing agreement.

The letter acts as a catalyst, propelling the dissemination strategy to reach hospitals and research centers. Leveraging a multi-faceted approach, the project has strategically utilized clustering events, like the one organized in Madrid, “Al and Cancer: Unleashing Opportunities, Overcoming Challenges” to target institutions with a pre-existing interest. In other words, the document serves as a formal expression of intent for potential collaborators, highlighting the project’s objectives and emphasizing the mutual benefits of participation.

If you are working in a hospital department and want to consider sharing your data and images through the INCISIVE project, thus contributing to the European Health Data Space, we invite you to review the Letter of Intent, sign it, and send it to us:

Be a part of the INCISIVE project and contribute to a future where AI and big data converge to revolutionize cancer diagnosis. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against cancer. Sign up and let’s shape the future of medical innovation!

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