INCISIVE’s legal work is shared at the Privacy Symposium

Published on 03/05/2022


Magdalena Kogut-Czarkowska, Attorney-at-law at Timelex, presented the legal work she is leading in INCISIVE at the Privacy Consortium hosted in Venice from the 5th to the 7th of April 2022. She talked about reconciling legal requirements and researchers’ needs in the context of building INCISIVE repository of donated health data.

After introducing INCISIVE to the audience, she focused on the legal requirements of the project. These consist in addressing the legal restrictions on the re-use of data for research purposes, the de-identification of data (expectations regarding anonymization and pseudonymization of data), and defining the data governance and data donation models. On the other hand, she shared the researchers’ needs, which are collecting data from diverse sources efficiently, making use of available tools and standards for anonymization of health images, and making the data open for re-use and access to data by AI developers. The discussion was part of the Data Services and Platforms for Health Data Space panel.

INCISIVE’s work on all fronts, including the legal ethical front, is already starting to have initial results that are being contributed to the community.

About the Privacy Symposium

The Privacy Symposium aims to promote international dialogue, cooperation, and knowledge sharing on data protection regulations, compliance, and emerging technologies. The symposium provided a venue for data protection professionals, experts, authorities, and researchers to meet and discuss the latest developments in data protection regulations, international cooperation and convergence in data protection, emerging technologies and data protection compliance. They also discussed future demands and needs for data protection compliance, and research and innovation in data protection and compliance.

Magdalena’s presentation is available in the resources section of this website.


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