INCISIVE partners discuss the progress and next steps of their work two months ahead of the project’s mid-term

Published on 10/02/2022


The INCISIVE consortium hosted its 2nd Plenary Meeting online on the 7th and 8th of February 2022, with almost 70 attendants from all the partners involved in the project. The assembly took place two months before the mid-term of the project, in which the first prototype will be launched.

“The meeting helped us to better plan and strengthen the collaborative work of all technical teams towards our first milestone: the first INCISIVE integrated prototype for the pre-pilot validations and pilot studies,” said the coordinator of the consortium Gianna Tsakou.

The assembly also allowed to bring together and better align the healthcare professionals’ perspectives that are targeted by the INCISIVE AI toolkit and the teams developing it, and to advance towards data sharing. In this case, partners provided an overview of the ongoing sharing of retrospective data and took several steps towards the initiation of sharing prospective data, which is expected in the summer.

Some other relevant issues, such as the ongoing work towards the Pan-European repository for health images, the legal and ethical aspects involved in the project, the potential business models, and the exploitation and sustainability options, were also discussed.

Advisory Board Meeting  

After the Plenary Meeting, the six INCISIVE’s Advisory Board members also met on Tuesday 8th to discuss and review the project’s status. “They provided us with very insightful comments and suggestions on many project fronts that we will carefully consider when planning our next steps from both a technical and clinical perspective,” concluded Tsakou. Before this meeting, they gave extensive written feedback on four major project deliverables, including user requirements and system architecture, and made preliminary discussions and exchanges of valuable ideas concerning the design of the INCISIVE business model.

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