INCISIVE insights inform discussion panel organized by the EC and the Belgian Presidency on AI serving Healthcare

Published on 08/02/2024


INCISIVE’s coordinator, Gianna Tsakou, was one of the invited panelists by the EC for the session “AI serving Healthcare” which took place on Monday 5 February and focused on how advanced digital tools, in particular data, AI, visualisation and new hardware, are benefiting patients, hospitals, intermediaries and governments.

The session was organised in the context of “Research to Reality – Digital Solution for European Challenges”, a promising event organised under the Belgian Presidency in cooperation with the EC in Brussels, 5 and 6 February 2024. The event explored the path from fundamental research to economic deployment of technological innovation. It seeked to stimulate the transformation of digital technologies developed under #horizoneurope Europe into impactful deployment initiatives such as those support by the #digitaleurope Programme.

The event was attended by many policy-makers, as well as researchers, industry and many more stakeholders. During the panel meeting, Gianna shared experiences gained during INCISIVE’s lifetime on ethical health data sharing and AI development. She also discussed how collaboration with the EUCAIM project is contributing to moving the project results from Research to Reality and full deployment.

Watch the session on this link.

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