Active engagement of stakeholders, improving user acceptance and resulting to measurable impacts

INCISIVE will involve the direct and indirect stakeholders (healthcare providers, patients, researchers, policy makers, application developers, AI experts) during the whole project life to achieve high-user acceptance, thoroughly design our validation pilots and INCISIVE future sustainability. Towards this direction the following objectives will be fulfilled:

Objective 5.1
To utilize UX design techniques for the definition of user requirements: including six stages of involvement: define, research, ideate, prototype, deliver and learn, to help better understand the user needs, experiences and pains, and encourage inputs from a wide variety of stakeholders (healthcare professionals of different specialties, AI experts etc.). Solutions that best reflect the preferences and user requirements will also be designed.
Objective 5.2
To involve stakeholders from multiple disciplines: including a sufficient number of healthcare professionals of different specialties, patients, policy makers, AI-experts etc, participating in INCISIVE validation pilots, and engaged in project’s workshops and clustering activities.
Objective 5.3
To achieve a wider user-driven steering of INCISIVE: by establishing synergies with European and international associations and currently running EU R&I projects that will in turn promote and facilitate the smooth and early adoption of INCISIVE technologies.
Objective 5.4
To attract new members for the INCISIVE pan-European imaging repository: by organizing corresponding raising awareness campaigns, demonstrating the advantages of the suggested technologies.
Objective 5.5
To define a realistic business plan and a sustainability strategy of the INCISIVE exploitable outcomes: including a detailed feasibility and competition analysis in order to enable the viable mid-term commercial exploitation of the project’s outcomes by relevant stakeholders.
Objective 5.6
To comply with the GDPR regulation requirements: in order to handle sensitive information utilized within the INCISIVE.
Objective 5.7
To contribute to standardization activities: mainly to HL7 FHIR and SNOMED, through the participation to corresponding events and publications of relevant recommendations co-created with the INCISIVE stakeholders and experts, aiming to improve the trust of the users to AI solutions and increase their willingness to share their data.