Privacy Symposium 2023

Date 17/04/2023 - 21/04/2023

Location Venice, Italy

The Privacy Symposium aims at supporting international dialogue, cooperation and knowledge-sharing on data protection, compliance and emerging technologies. It provides a venue for data protection professionals, cybersecurity experts, authorities and researchers to meet and discuss the latest and upcoming developments in data protection, data regulations, and emerging technologies.

5 days, over 80 sessions and more than 200 top-level speakers, including representatives from international, regional and national data protection authorities to discuss topics such as:

– International cooperation and regulatory convergence for data protection.

– Data protection in practice with national supervisory authorities sharing their recommendations on topics such as cross-border data transfers, data protection by
design, legitimate interest, enforcement, etc.

– Emerging technologies and compliance, such as artificial intelligence, metaverse, edge computing, DLT/Blockchain, data spaces, post-quantum privacy.

– Accountability and Privacy Enhancing Technologies.

– Cybersecurity for making personal data secure.

– Health and medical data compliance.

– Socio-economic perspective on data protection.


INCISIVE legal partner from Timelex, Magdalena Kogut, will mention our work in the ‘Compliance and Conditions for Secondary Use of Medical Data’ panel.