MIE 2021

Date 29/05/2021 - 31/05/2021

Location Online

Organization European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI)


In the last 20 years, the worlds of medicine and of information technologies have completely changed...

For the last years, the application of eHealth applications and the Digitalization was an important and fundamental paradigm changer in the era of Health Informatics and Public Health. Massive amount of data from the molecular biology associated with massive data about the environment, behaviour and lifestyle, exposition factors and personal records, the rise of unprecedent processing power in health information systems and artificial intelligence as well as health analytics methods and tools empowered Medicine, Nursing and Healthcare sciences are facing the Public Health challenges.

The current pandemic situation emphasized the importance of Health Informatics into the scientific process of evidence-based reasoning and decision making at all stages of healthcare.

The MIE2021 conference is a unique opportunity to meet experts from all involved fields, from deep learning or genomics, up to human factors, ethical and societal aspects. The MIE conferences not only attract senior researchers and top notched experts of the field, it is also, and mostly, a place where young scientists come to present their works, to meet peers, to network, to seek job and career opportunities.

Special tracks with European initiatives and projects…

In this 31st annual experience, we will have special tracks with European projects, such as FAIR4HEALTH and standardizing organizations, such as HL7, and discuss the building of global frameworks to improve data usability to support life science research across borders, systems, and languages. Specific tracks devoted to encryption, blockchain and privacy-conscious data sharing, along with ethical and legal experts, will investigate and propose practical way to support innovation to alleviate the burden of diseases such as COVID-19, cancers and promote bio-surveillance networks for example.

Involving patients…

Involving patients and citizens will also be at the centre of the debates, along with European projects, patients’ organizations, and patient-partners’ groups, to discuss innovative ways to reach an active involvement and participation that can leverage the field.

Involving private partners…

And, of course, not to forget the prolific results of the public-private convergence, with the presence of the whole range of public organizations to private partners, from young start-ups recently born from talented young entrepreneurs to global companies and other non-profit international organizations active in the field of life science and information technologies.


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