EuCanImage webinar

Date 17/11/2021 - 17/11/2021

Location Virtual Conference


INCISIVE at EuCanImage webinar

The INCISIVE coordinator, Gianna Tsakou, and Magdalena Kogut-Czarkowska, our consortium’s legal expert participated in two panel sessions of the webinar organized by the EuCanImage project.

What is EuCanImage webinar?

The EuCanImagine webinar is an event organised by the European Society on Oncologic Imaging in the framework of the EuCanImage project.  This year’s theme was “Obstacles and avenues for data sharing and AI in career imaging”.

Why did INCISIVE participate?

The coordinator, Gianna Tsakou from MAGGIOLI group presented INCISIVE’s perspective and discussed work done so far by our project as well as common challenges for all projects addressing cancer imaging data sharing and AI development in the panel session entitled “Tecnhnical and organizational obstacles and solutions for secure data platform in cancer imaging”.

Additionally, Magdalena Kogut-Czarkowska from TIMELEX, the INCISIVE partner focusing on legal issues, presented INCISIVE’s perspectives in the panel session entitled “Ethical and legal governance for data sharing & AI in cancer imaging”.


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