List of documents related to INCISIVE

WP 1- Project Management

This work package deals with the management of the whole project, including activities such as to effectively monitor the project administratively, technically, scientifically and financially; to guarantee the adherence of the work to the overall project plans, available resources and timing; to offer the necessary interface to the EU services and external actors; to assure the high quality of the project outcomes and to identify project risks by performing an effective risk management.

No public deliverables are planned.

WP 2- User Requirements Definition and System Design

This work package aims to actively involve all stakeholders, through the performance of structured and semi-structured interviews and by UX design workshops with participation of INCISIVE stakeholders; define the user requirements reflecting the needs, experiences and established pathways; define in detail the INCISIVE pilots’ protocol in order to cover the defined user requirements and support the efforts for the acquisition of ethical approvals; Develop scenarios of use to drive the complete design and outline technical requirements; Define the overall INCISIVE architecture and design the main components; Define INCISIVE integration plan in the form of the roadmap (based on agile methodology concepts) to be used as a basis for monitoring the integration process.

No public deliverables are planned.

WP 3- INCISIVE Platform DevOps Setup and Data Sources Integration

This work package aims to make the data sources available to the stakeholders and perform preparatory activities for their integration; Setup a software integration environment that implements the DevOps paradigm in order to guarantee stable and easy to use software packages; Regulate the access to INCISIVE components and data by setting up a trusted execution environment; Plan and setup the INCISIVE Cloud, HPC and HPDA infrastructures; Develop mechanisms to utilise the available hardware in an optimised fashion; Performance of standardization activities focusing on interoperability and formalization and generate suggestions for contributing to the existing standards.

  • D3.4 - Standardization Suggestions

WP 4- INCISIVE AI Features, Models Training and User Interaction

This work package will implement the INCISIVE (predictive, descriptive and prescriptive) data analytics pipelines; Develop the INCISIVE AI toolbox for image processing enhancing cancer diagnosis and prognosis; Enhance the interpretability of the results by applying ML methods; Realize a set of AR enhanced visualizations and implement INCISIVE Model-as-a-Service features and the federated learning mechanism.

  • D4.3 -INCISIVE AI Toolbox, Data Analytics and User Services - Final Version.

WP 5- INCISIVE Pan-European Repository of Health Images

This work package aims to implement a federated storage schema; Develop a secure and transparent data sharing mechanism; Ensure high-quality of data though an automated curation mechanism; Incorporate a data anonymization mechanism, respecting the corresponding legal directives; Implement a structured data donorship mechanism and an interoperability layer enabling users to easily link their dataset to system; Realise an ML-aided automated data annotation mechanism; Integrate (following the FAIR principles) all the aforementioned features into the (stand-alone) INCISIVE pan-European repository of health images.

  • D5.3 - INCISIVE Pan-European Repository of Health Images - Final Version

WP 6- INCISIVE System Integration and Pilot Studies

This work package will integrate INCISIVE components into functional INCISIVE system; Test and debug all system’s components in a pre-pilot validation study; Organize and execute INCISIVE (3) pilot observational and interventional studies evaluating the system regarding the cancer diagnosis, prognosis and follow-up; Setup a mechanism for the provision of support to the users during the pilots and generate training material in different languages, illustrating how INCISIVE system is going to used.

  • D6.3 - INCISIVE integrated Prototypes - Final Version
  • D6.4 -INCISIVE Training Material
  • D6.5 -Evaluation of INCISIVE Blind Studies
  • D6.6 -Evaluation of INCISIVE Interventional studies
  • D6.7 -Best Practices for Wider Use and Applicability

WP 7- Legal and Ethics Management

This work package supports the overall legal compliance of the INCISIVE project, in particular in terms of data protection; Guarantees that all ethical issues related to the project research are being properly considered; Oversees IPR and data management within the project and beyond; defines a legal data donation framework enabling externals to participate in INCISIVE pan-European repository of health images.

  • D7.1 -Initial Data Management Plan
  • D7.3 - Data Donation Legal Framework
  • D7.5 - Final Data Management Report

WP 8- Innovation Management, Exploitation and Sustainability Planning

This work package aims to analyse the market to conclude on commercially viable services and sustainable business models; Validate and improve value propositions and business models based on the feedback provided by AB members, industrial stakeholders and pilot users; Develop a business plan for the INCISIVE services commercialisation to the European and global markets; Develop an operational and deployment plan to prepare the launch and long-term sustainability of the ‘pan-European repository of health images; Define the Innovation Strategy and ensure its effective implementation throughout the duration of the project and Successfully capture and manage emerging innovative ideas during project implementation

No public deliverables are planned.

WP 9- Dissemination, Awareness Raising and Clustering

This work package works to Disseminate the INCISIVE concept, developments and findings to all key actors in the field, and integrate their feedback to the specification, design, development and evaluation work; Organize and publish results in international journals, conferences, and workshops to inform the scientific community about INCISIVE, its activities and results and to gather information on related issues; Organize workshops and clustering events with similar EU and International Initiatives; Develop and maintain a network of potential users, stakeholders, and experts in fields relevant to the project and Generate leads, willing to participate in the INCIVE pan-European repository of medical images.

  • D9.1 - INCISIVE web presence
  • D9.3 - First Dissemination Activities Report
  • D9.4 - Second Dissemination Activities Report
  • D9.5 - Clustering Events Proceedings and Raising Awareness Campaigns Results V1
  • D9.6 - Final Dissemination Activities Report
  • D9.7 - Clustering Events Proceedings and Raising Awareness Campaigns Results V2