Join us for a dynamic session where we will explore how Artificial Intelligence powered by health data sharing can transform cancer challenges into remarkable opportunities. At this gathering, you will have the unique opportunity to engage with distinguished physicians, legal and AI experts, pioneering companies, patient associations, and esteemed representatives from diverse institutions. It is your chance to connect with a global audience and collaborate with other experts. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

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7 November, 2023 Join us either in person or virtually.

The Cube - Madrid (Spain)

C. de Rufino González, 25 - 28037 Madrid

How to get there


  • 09:30h - 10:00h.

    Registration of attendees

  • 10:00h - 10:30h.

    Welcome and Keynote Speech

    • Mrs. Gianna Tsakou, Project Manager at Maggioli Group, Coordinator of INCISIVE project and moderator
    • Mrs. Aleksandra Wesolowska, European Commission, Programme Officer – EU Policies, CNECT.H3 – eHealth, Well-Being and Ageing
    • Mr. Thanos Kosmidis, Co-founder & CEO at Care Across, Member of INCISIVE Advisory Board, Keynote Speaker
  • 10:30h - 11:10h.

    Introduction to cancer medical imaging repositories and their importance in research and clinical practice

    • Mrs. Gianna Tsakou, Project Manager at Maggioli Group, Coordinator of INCISIVE project
    • Mr Oliver Díaz. Associate professor and oncology lead scientist of the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Lab at the University of Barcelona, Scientific Coordinator of RadioVal project.
    • Mr. Kostas Marias, Professor of Medical Image Processing at Hellenic Mediterranean University, Technical Director of ProCAncer-I project
    • Mr. Ignacio Blanquer, Professor in the Computer System department at Polytechnic University of Valencia, Representative of PRIMAGE and CHAIMELEON
    • Dr. Luis Martí-Bonmatí, Director of the Medical Imaging Department at the La Fe Polytechnic University Hospital, Coordinator of EUCAIM, PRIMAGE and CHAIMELEON project
  • 11:10h - 11:50h.

    The process, benefits and challenges of data sharing (ethical and legal considerations, cybersecurity, and privacy protection)

    • Mr. Ricard Martínez, Director of the Chair in Privacy and Digital Transformation at the University of Valencia, CHAIMELEON project
    • Mrs. Magdalena Kogut-Czarkowska, Privacy and IPTech lawyer at Timelex, INCISIVE project
    • Mrs. Susanna Aussó, Head of AI at TIC Salut Social Foundation and representative of the Catalonian AI Programme, INCISIVE project
    • Mr. Antonio Orduña, Applications and systems engineer at La Fe Polytechnic University Hospital
    • Mrs. Ana Belén Callado, Communication Manager at TIC Salut Social Foundation, INCISIVE communication leader, moderator.
  • 11:50h - 12:20h.

    Coffee break

  • 12:20h - 13:00h.

    Developed services and emerging technologies and tools for cancer medical imaging data analysis and visualization

    • Mr. Alberto Gutiérrez, Postdoctoral researcher on Computer Sciences at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. INCISIVE project
    • Mrs. Ana Jiménez, Vice President of AI at Quibim, PRIMAGE and CHAIMELEON projects
    • Mrs. Leonor Cerdá Alberich, Physicist at La Fe Health Research Institute. EUCAIM project
    • Dr. Vicente Martínez de Vega Fernández, Head of the Imaging Diagnosis Department at Quirónsalud University Hospital Madrid; Ruber Juan Bravo Hospital and Quirónsalud San José
    • Dr. Felipe Couñago, Radiation Oncologist, Clinical Director of GenesisCare Madrid
  • 13:00h - 13:40h.

    Success stories of cancer medical imaging in advancing cancer research and patient care

    • Dr. Vladan Zdravković, Project manager at Visaris, INCISIVE project
    • Mr. Javier Sánchez, Clinical Science Lead South Europe at Philips
    • Mr. Mario Aznar, CEO of Matical Innovation, PRIMAGE and CHAIMELEON projects
    • Mr. Pau López, Head of the Informations Systems Technical Office of the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS)
    • Mr. Javier Miguel Aquerreta, Biomedical Engineer at La Fe Health Research Institute
    • Mrs. Susanna Aussó, Head of AI at TIC Salut Social Foundation and representative of the Catalonian AI Programme, INCISIVE project, moderator.
  • 13:40h - 14:15h.

    Q&A and closing session

  • 14:15h - 15:00h.

    Networking lunch at THE CUBE premises



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